December 26th, 2011

The site has been updated to reflect the changes made in the recent revision of Ranitomeya. As a result, the accounts for R. sirensis and R. variabilis have been heavily modified. An account for R. amazonica has been added. New photos of R. imitator have been posted.

Also, German Chavez has contributed an account and photos for Ameerega planipaleae.

October 27th, 2011

Our monograph revising the genus Ranitomeya has been published in Zootaxa. This paper results in one new species description (Ranitomeya toraro), one new genus (Andinobates for most of the "old Minyobates"), and a few synonymies. A more detailed discussion of the implications of this paper can be found in our article "A summary of the taxonomic changes within Ranitomeya".

June 1st, 2010

Two new species of Ranitomeya have been described from Peru! Accounts can be found here and here.

March 16th, 2010

César L. Barrio-Amorós has graciously contributed an article dealing with common names in poison frogs. Check out his article here.

December 3rd, 2009

A new species of Ranitomeya was recently described from the Colombian Amazon.Also, Thomas Ostrowksi has contributed photos and info on another morph of Dendrobates auratus, this one being from Colombia.

July 17th, 2009

We have updated the account for Ranitomeya lamasi with a more complete description of the morphs, as well as several new photos.

July 10th, 2009

Jussano Ferraz dos Santos has graciously contributed photos and an account for Ameerega flavopicta. Thank you Jussano!

May 6th, 2009

Ameerega boehmei has recently been described from Bolivia. Three additional species have also just been described from Peru - Ameerega ignipedis, A. yoshina, and A. pepperi. Accounts for the latter three species have been added to the website.

We would like to thank Tim Green for first alerting us to the presence of some interesting dendrobatids from Contamana. After visiting we were able to find two new species (Ameerega ignipedis and A. yoshina) as well as several known species, including A. hahneli, A. trivittata, Ranitomeya lamasi, and R. ventrimaculata. Tim runs eco-tours to Contamana- anyone interested in visiting this area should check out his website:

Also, Thomas Ostrowski has contributed even more photos of Dendrobates auratus. And he also made an account for Ranitomeya claudiae. Thanks Thomas!

January 15th, 2008

Thomas Ostrowski from has generously contributed a fantastic account of Dendrobates auratus. He has provided many photos of several different morphs and provided a lot of natural history information. Thanks Tom!

Also, a photo of Ameerega planipaleae has recently become 'declassified'. This is one of the first photos ever taken of this species. A friend of ours, Mago Medina, has given us permission to post this photo here on our website. Hopefully an account will be coming soon. She also wrote an article on the rediscovery of this species:

Medina-Müller, M. & G. Chavez. 2008. Ameerega planipaleae: color pattern variation and its relevance to Ameerega taxonomy (Amphibia: Dendrobatidae). Herpetotropicos, 4: 64. | PDF

December 16th, 2008

Our 2009 calendar is now available. This calendar features several new species described in 2008 as well as some new, recently discovered morphs of known species. Sales from our 2008 calendar helped fund these discoveries, and we hope sales from the 2009 calendar can help fund additional discoveries in 2009.

November 18th, 2008

The "Adventure to Captivus" DVD is now on sale and can be purchased here.

October 23rd, 2008

The "Adventure to Captivus" DVD is just about ready to go on sale and here is a trailer for the film (MOV format, 2.27 mb).

October 15th, 2008 has been given a new design. This was mostly done so it would be easier to update, but also the species accounts look a bit nicer now. We have updated quite a few things, including a few new species accounts, so make sure to check around the site.

Also, the DVD documenting our Excidobates captivus expedition is going on sale! The DVD can be ordered from us by sending an email to with shipping details. Payment can be done through PayPal. Also, the DVD will be available from the website

Adventure to Captivus

May 8th, 2008

The Dendrobaters strike again. In 2007, we were lucky enough to find Dendrobates (= Ranitomeya) sirensis. Species account and photos now online!

April 28th, 2008

New species!
New genus!
New accounts and updated photo gallery!

Recently, a paper described Excidobates gen. nov. came out in Herpetologica. This paper also contains the redescription of Adelphobates (= Excidobates) captivus. Also, a paper just recently came out describing a new species of Ameerega from central Peru which was previously confused with A. hahneli.

March 15th, 2008

Almost a year since the last update? Wow. First of all, thanks to all of you that purchased calendars. We have a big trip planned for this coming field season and will need all the support we can get.

We have changed a few things on the site. First, the site has adopted the nomenclature of Grant et al. 2006 despite some initial apprehension. We feel the new taxonomy, although more complex, facilitates communication and brevity. We have re-arranged the species accounts - check out the 'species' section. There is a run-down of the new taxonomy on that page. Also, for the species accounts, we have a link that will take you to a Google Maps page showing the general type locality for the species.

We've also added a few new photos for the following species: Ranitomeya lamasi, R. imitator, R. reticulata, R. uakarii, R. fantastica, Ameerega smaragdina, A. petersi, and A. bassleri.

We have a lot more photos from the 2007 field season that (hopefully) we will get updated in the coming days.

March 25th, 2007

Big news for the Dendrobaters. We rediscovered Dendrobates captivus this past summer, and National Geographic is running a short article about it in their April 2007 issue. Read about the expedition here.

January 15th, 2007

The articles section has been updated with an overview on the current frog-smuggling operations taking place in South America and Europe.

December 13th, 2006

We've made a 2007 calendar which is now for sale. The photos used for this calendar are the product of three years of field work and travel, so its a pretty good deal! Every dime we make off this calendar is going into funding a few expeditions we have planned for the upcoming year. Other miscellaneous updates, we've got a working link to the account for Dendrobates uakarii and somehow managed to track down the description for Dendrobates steyermarki.

November 13th , 2006 has been resurrected! We've been hard at work making the new site, and it is much bigger than it was previously. One of our main goals when working on the new site was to give more information regarding conservation and evolution. We also are attempting to accumulate an archive of all dendrobatid original description papers, for now we are focusing on Dendrobates and Epipedobates, though we eventually would like to include many Colostethus as well. We've started posting calls whenever available. Other additions to the site are a video gallery, where we have clips of film we've taken over the past couple years, a photo gallery of other herps, landscapes, and field pictures. And of course, we have a bunch of new species accounts! New additions include Dendrobates vanzolinii, D. lamasi, D. fulguritus, D. mysteriosus, Epipedobates silverstonei, E. parvulus, and E. rubriventris, to name a few. We have also formally created the Dendrobaters Expedition Club, which was busy in 2006 discovering new species and plans to be busy again in 2007 discovering a few more. In an attempt to raise funds for our expeditions, we are now selling photo prints over in the support section. All profits from these sales go to expeditions, of which we have several planned. Eventually these will lead to new discoveries and new species descriptions, so if you have an interest in poison frogs, please help us out!

December 28th, 2005

Sea McKeon has contributed information and photos covering much of southeastern Peru, including Manu National Park and Epipedobates macero, E. simulans, and Dendrobates biolat. Much of this information was used with permission from “Amphibians and Reptiles of Southeastern Peru”. Photos and information on the white-banded D. fantasticus and Atelopus tricolor have been added as well.

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