species accounts

All our species accounts are written by people who have seen the species in the field. Currently, most of our species accounts are restricted to Peruvian frogs, simply because Peru is where we have done most of our field work. If you have observed and photographed a species of poison frog not listed here, and would like to contribute a species account, please visit this page.

Species Call recording
Ameerega altamazonica available
Ameerega bassleri available
Ameerega cainarachi available
Ameerega flavopicta n/a
Ameerega ignipedis available
Ameerega hahneli available
Ameerega macero n/a
Ameerega parvula available
Ameerega pepperi available
Ameerega petersi available
Ameerega planipaleae n/a
Ameerega pongoensis available
Ameerega rubriventris n/a
Ameerega silverstonei available
Ameerega simulans n/a
Ameerega smaragdina available
Ameerega trivittata available
Ameerega yoshina available
Andinobates claudiae available
Andinobates fulguritus available
Dendrobates auratus available
Dendrobates leucomelas available
Excidobates captivus available
Excidobates mysteriosus available
Hyloxalus azureiventris available
Hyloxalus nexipus n/a
Ranitomeya amazonica available
Ranitomeya benedicta available
Ranitomeya cyanovittata n/a
Ranitomeya defleri available
Ranitomeya fantastica available
Ranitomeya flavovittata available
Ranitomeya imitator available
Ranitomeya reticulata available
Ranitomeya sirensis available
Ranitomeya summersi available
Ranitomeya uakarii available
Ranitomeya vanzolinii available
Ranitomeya variabilis available
Ranitomeya ventrimaculata available
Ranitomeya yavaricola available
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