Ameerega parvula

Boulenger, 1882

Ameerega parvula

Lowlands of northern Peru and southern Ecuador.

Natural History
This species can be found in extremely high densities in certain areas, yet remain nearly undetectable in others. Most individuals were found near small streams in lowland primary forest, and could be heard calling the entire day. They were heard up to an elevation of roughly 600 meters, presumably where their elevational range ends.

Conservation Status
Uncertain. Though there are pockets of thriving populations, in Peru these pockets seem to be rare and scattered. Supposedly this species can be found near Iquitos, though if it is still there, it is exceedingly uncommon. Since this species appears to prefer primary forest, it will be especially sensitive to deforestation.

This species is not closely related to any other member of Ameerega, though is well supported within the genus Ameerega.

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Ameerega parvula
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