Ameerega rubriventris

Lötters et al., 1997

Known only from one site in central Peru in eastern foothills of the Cordillera Azul at elevations around 350 m. The range of this species appears to be highly restricted.

Natural History
Like A. altamazonica, this species is active during the day among the leaf litter. Though we only were able to observe this species in the wild for a short time, it presumably is similar to A. altamazonica in its reproductive habits.

Conservation Status
Though not likely to be under high smuggling pressure, the small range of this species could be easily affected by local deforestation.

Sister to A. altamazonica. Until 1997, this was considered to be a morph of A. hahneli sensu lato, until Lötters made the distinction based on the ventral coloration and vocalization. The status of A. rubriventris as a valid species is still in dispute by some, though the unusual ventral colors and genetic distinctness suggest that this species is indeed different from A. altamazonica.

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