Ameerega trivittata

Spix, 1824

Ameerega trivittata

Widely distributed throughout the Amazon Basin across South America. Though mostly known from the lowlands, these frogs can be found as high as 1300 meters in certain parts of Peru.

Natural History
These frogs are one of the most commonly encountered animals throughout many parts of Peru, particularly the Andean foothills surrounding Tarapoto. They can be heard calling all day, but particularly in the early morning or after a rain. Tadpoles are deposited in any shallow, non-flowing water bodies. At least in certain areas of San Martin, this species is frequently parasitized by a species of flesh-eating fly.

Conservation Status
Least concern. This species is extremely common throughout a very large range. Additionally, it seems to thrive in disturbed areas with much human activity.

Sister to A. picta. This species has undergone very rapid radiation throughout South America, showing very little phylogeographic structure.

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Ameerega trivittata
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