Dendrobates leucomelas

Steindachner, 1864

Dendrobates leucomelas


Western Venezuela to Guyana, normally between elevations of 200-400 meters. There have also been reports of this species in western Colombia.

Natural history

This species has a spotty distribution on the western edge of its range, and was found in gallery forests within the savannas at the foothills of many of the tepuis.  This forest is extremely dry and the frogs are very shy, however after heavy rains they can be found easily in high densities.

Conservation status

Though this species is patchily distributed, the overall range is quite large. Most habitat is near savannah or tepuis and not at a high deforestation risk. Also, extensive captive breeding has all but eliminated the demand for smuggled individuals.


Member of tinctorius group, sister to D. tinctorius.

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Dendrobates leucomelas
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