These species are all obligate egg-feeders which occur in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Chocoan Colombia, and parts of western Ecuador. This is a well-defined clade possessing several synapomorphies, including a cartilaginous omosternum, female tadpole transport, fused sacrum and eighth vertebra, and two medial larval ‘teeth’.

Species contained:

  • Oophaga granuliferaTaylor, 1958
  • Oophaga histrionicaBerthold, 1845
  • Oophaga pumilioSchmidt, 1857
  • Oophaga speciosaSchmidt, 1857
  • Oophaga sylvaticaFunkhouser, 1956
  • Oophaga vicenteiJungfer, Weygoldt, and Juraske, 1996