Ranitomeya benedicta

Brown et al., 2008

Ranitomeya benedicta

Occurs throughout the Pampas del Sacramento, a lowland plain between the Huallaga and Ucayali rivers in central Peru. This species is most commonly found at elevations around 200 m, although has been found up to ca. 400 m in the Cordillera Azul.

Natural History
This species appears to be primarily arboreal, although descends to the forest floor for reproduction. Eggs are deposited in leaf litter and tadpoles are later deposited in large bromeliads or tree-holes. Ranitomeya benedicta is sympatric with R. variabilis and R. imitator in the northern part of its range.

Conservation Status
Brown et al. (2008) suggest this species be listed as Vulnerable (VU) on the basis of range size, nearby deforestation, and illegal smuggling for the pet trade. This frog appears to be uncommon throughout most of its range. This species has recently been smuggled to Germany. This species is now available legally through exports from Understory Enterprises.

Member of the reticulata genetic group, sister to the clade containing R. fantastica and R. summersi. Brown et al. (2008) removed this species from synonymy with R. fantastica on the basis of phylogenetic, morphological, and acoustic data.

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Ranitomeya benedicta
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