Ranitomeya flavovittata

Schulte, 1999

Ranitomeya flavovittata

Lowlands near Iquitos, known from the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo communal reserve.

Natural History
This is a small species that inhabits understory phytotelmata, particularly bromeliads within 2 meters of the ground. Like other members of the R. vanzolinii clade, this species is a facultative egg-feeder.

Conservation Status
This species is found mainly in either protected habitat or remote areas where deforestation is not a major problem. However, the known range of this species is relatively small and therefore makes it potentially at risk if the rampant deforestation surrounding Iquitos continues to expand.

Member of the vanzolinii genetic group, most closely related to R. vanzolinii. This is the northernmost member of this group.

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Ranitomeya flavovittata
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