Ranitomeya reticulata

Boulenger, 1883

Ranitomeya reticulata

Lowlands near the city of Iquitos in northeastern Peru. Restricted to the north side of the Amazon River. The type locality from the original description is “Yurimaguas”, which is assumed to be an error.

Natural History
This tiny, terrestrial species can be found in the forests near Iquitos, where temperatures regularly reach 30 C (87 F) on the forest floor. This species is locally abundant, and can be found throughout the day foraging among the leaf litter. Reproduction takes place in tree holes or bromeliads within a couple meters from the ground.

Conservation Status
This species has been smuggled heavily in past years, though with captive breeding, smuggling pressure has diminished. However, the threat of habitat loss from deforestation still looms large, as R. reticulata has a small range, nearly all of which surrounds Iquitos. Much of their habitat has already been lost to the destructive practice of charcoal harvesting, where forests are burned to cinders simply to be sold for cooking fuel.

Member of the reticulata group, sister to R. ventrimaculata sensu Brown & Twomey et al. (2011).

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Ranitomeya reticulata
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