Ranitomeya summersi

Brown et al., 2008

Ranitomeya summersi

Known from only a few localities in central Peru near the Huallaga river valley. This species is fairly common near Sauce and Chazuta in San Martin, Peru. This species appears to have a very restricted range.

Natural History
This species is interesting in that it is essentially a terrestrial frog. The forests near where this species is found are substantially drier than most other Ranitomeya habitats in central Peru, which may be one reason the frogs stay near the humid ground. Ranitomeya summersi appears to breed primarily in treeholes and Dieffenbachia.

Conservation Status
Brown et al. (2008) recommended this species be listed as Endangered under IUCN Red List criteria on the basis of the small distribution size, high level of habitat loss, and ongoing illegal smuggling for the pet trade.

Brown et al. (2008) showed this species forms a clade sister to Ranitomeya fantastica. This species was previously considered to be a morph of R. fantastica until more detailed investigations revealed that these frogs were distinct with respect to morphology, call, and genetics.

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Ranitomeya summersi
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